5 great Cosmikids International preschool activities

Preschool Activities

Early childhood development and education should both be mental and physical. The two actually go hand in hand and integrating physical activity with the learning of numbers and letters is essential for creating a foundation of literacy and also movement. Physically active children who learn habits early in life remain fit and healthy well into their adult life.

Young children who learn letters and also crack numbers, will love to throw and kick balls. They also love to run and have a natural aptitude to movement and physical activity. This is key in developing strength, immunity, self-confidence and concentration. Movement based learning programs are always much more advantageous and require proper staff training and preparation. At Cosmikids, the preschool curriculum in Mumbai, we imbibe a healthy dose of fun and work. Here are some of the preschool activities in Mumbai Cosmikids:

The Angel Bear Yoga program is a popular preschool and day care program that involves storytelling and movement along with nature and crafts. Apt for ages 3 to 9, this program is conducted after school and is carried on for 12 weeks, with a 60 minute session every day. This is a comprehensive Yoga program in which children step into the shoes of Angel the bear who experiences many adventures in the forest. There are many lessons which imbibe the Yoga poses along with breathing exercises and quiet time with relaxation.

The Tender Tykes Program which nurtures the emotional intelligence training among 3 to 5 year olds is also a popular program that occurs twice a week and is carried on for 12 weeks. This program helps children become more self-aware and compassionate. They become more loving and understand the connections that make up the social sphere.

For a creative and exploratory attitude imbuement among children, Cosmikids organizes the child centered workshop called Process Art and Craft for Kids that is aimed at children in the age groups of 3 to 10 years. For 12 weeks, with a twice a week, 1 hour session, children are allowed to take turns and create amazing drawings and craftwork. The emphasis is not on the product but on the process that allows a child to start from scratch and be comfortable creating works in water color, clay, foam, finger paints and glue.

If you are interested in your child learning words and letters the unusual way then have your child participate in Jolly Phonics for ages 3 and above. These sessions last an hour and are undertaken for a year twice a week. Kids learn about phonetics of letters and also attach a multi-sensory approach to the 42 letter sounds.

The Rhythm and Rhyme activity that is organized at Cosmikids provides a musical way of learning rhymes that are so crucial to the nursery ages. A rich mix of music and rhymes engages and energizes the young children and enables them to play with pompoms and puppets with musical instruments. This activity is suitable for ages 2 to 4 years.


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