Cosmikids International has a wide range of programs for children between the age group of 1.5 and 10. These programs are divided into four main categories:

  • Pre-school
  • Day-Care Program
  • Activity Center
  • Events & Workshop


    Our pre-school comprises of:

    Mother Toddler Program (1 – 1.5 years)

    A program that helps in enabling the bond between a mother and child, it is the first step where a child interacts with other children in a protective environment. Parents also get a chance to interact with other parents and the program helps parents to interact with their children in a completely innovative way.

    Playschool (1.5 years +)

    At Cosmikids, each child is given special individual attention and are given the scope to learn at their own pace. Other than studies, the children are engaged in different activities such as puzzles, coloring, book browsing, outdoor activities, puppet shows, etc.

    Nursery (2.5 years +)

    At Cosmikids, special attention is given to each and every child. At the nursery level, hands-on experience including field trips, role-playing etc. is used to teach them different topics. Children are encouraged to take part in different indoor and outdoor activities.

  • Day-Care Program:

    Cosmikids daycare center attempts at providing a safe and caring atmosphere so that a child feels comfortable and at-home. With CCTV cameras installed and a well-trained and experienced staff, the children are in a protected surrounding. Specific child-engagement programs like painting, beading, costume improvisation, games, story-telling, etc are organized in the preschool daycare program.

  • Activity Center:

    The Cosmikids Activity Center offers a variety of activities that help in the creative, emotional, physical and social development of a child. These are:

    Angel Bear Yoga
    Tender Tykes
    Process Art
    Jolly Phonics
    Rhythm & Rhyme
    Stations of Discovery

  • Events / Workshops:

    Fun, creative and theme-based weekly workshops that the kids love. We also offer our venue for a child’s Birthday Party and regular camps help in teaching a child valuable skills and help them make new friends. Frequent lectures from specialists on important issues like parenting and child welfare have also been proven beneficial to many.


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